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    Buying or selling a home is more than just a business deal, it involves making critical, sometimes emotional decisions, all while coodinating a myriad of details that most would find overwhelming. With her wealth of experience, Lynne will give you the refreshingly straight answers, dependable solutions and thoughtful advice you deserve to navigate through this complex process.


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    I Know You'll Find This Hard to Believe, But...

    The last 3 properties I listed in February all received multiple offers and sold in 3 days. That means that the ready, willing and able Buyers who wrote the offers that weren't accepted are on the hunt for a home to buy. If you - or someone you know- is considering a move this spring, call me NOW so we can see how to make this market work for you!

    One of the questions I get most often is whether or not you're going to get your money back when making an improvement to your home. The first thing I would tell you is that if you're considering doing something to your home only to make it more saleable,CALL ME BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!Certain things will get you most of your money back, but others you do simply make it more saleable. What I don't want you to do is make improvements that accomplish neither! Also keep in mind that many improvements - like a bathroom remodel for instance - won't give a 100% return on investment, but it will provide years of enjoyment. Check out Remodel magazine's Cost vs Value report to get an overview of costs and value added for some common improvements. I think you'll find some of the numbers surprising.....
    Click Here For The Full Cost vs. Value Report

    This ABSOLUTELY FREE program is a perfect segway from the info above! I don't care if it's this spring or 5 years from now  - if a move is in your future, you need to take advantage of this program! I'll stop over at your convenience and give you my professional assessment of the things you should - and SHOUDN'T - do to prepare your home for sale by focusing on the things that will bring the greatest return on your investment. It will save you time, money and untold aggravation by not waiting until the lastt minute when you're under the gun! It may also save your relationships as I'm often the "referee" between differing opinions. I'm just could be a good idea...
    Call 215-860-3229 or Click here to email me

    If you love Irish music, don't miss this opportunity to hear Tim Gleeson and friends at the Richboro Pub in Richboro from 5:00-7:00 on Wednesday March 15th! Straight from Killarney Ireland, Tim and a few of his pals will be entertaining us with Irish songs and ballods, so stop in, grab a pint of Guiness and sing along if you dare! Sponsored by the Northampton Township Business and Professional Association, of which I am a member and past president, this event is FREE and our way of giving back to the community that supports us. No reservations are necessary but I'd come early as the place fills up fast. I'll be there and I hope you will be too!!!


    The next meeting of 100+ Women Who Care is on Tuesday evening March 7th at LaStalla 18 Swamp Rd in Newtown. We start at 7:00 and will be done by 8:00 - won't you stop in for a cocktail with a friend or two or 10 and see the impact we're making on those in need here in Bucks County? Click HERE for more info.

    Check this out! Just click on the graphic to the left and type in your address. Valuations from 3 different companies using 3 different algorithms will provide an estimate of your homes value. To be clear, it doesn't replace my years of experience or knowledge of the local market, but hey, it's a start! Have fun!

    Someone sent me this awesome reading list on books to read if you want to get rich, and since I'm into personal development these days, I thought I'd share it with you. Even if you have no interest in becoming "RICH" or even "RICHER" , I believe there's always more to learn and reading is never a bad thing.CLICK HERE if you want to peruse the list....

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